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Current Exhibition

Jennifer Lefort //
Whenever Forever

Andrew Casto //
Revelatory Dérive

March 11–April 29, 2017

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Upcoming Exhibitions




Past Exhibitions    

Material Catch //
Dominique Labauvie

Celebrating Opposites //
Michael Conrads

January 21—March 4, 2017

The Flaunting of Youth //
Einar and Jamex de la Torre
Raw Horse Power //
Generic Art Solutions

November 28, 2016—January 14, 2017

Taste my braindrops //
Catherine Czacki, Katy Fischer,
Heather Guertin, Alan Gutierrez,
Mark Hagen, Dominique Labauvie,
Sarah Peters, Josh Reames,
Brian Rochefort, Guy Yanai

October 30—November 25, 2016

Schemes: Ernesto Garcia Sanchez //
Ghost Hands: Linda Lopez

September 24—October 22, 2016

A Mass on Foreign Ground // New World School of the Arts Select BFA Graduate Show, Curated by Eddie Negron
August 20—September 17, 2016

Geandy Pavón: Political Fold
José Manuel Mesías: About the Absolute Truth

May 28-August 13, 2016

Osamu Kobayashi and Paul Pagk
Project Space: Lauren Mabry

March 26-May 21, 2016

February 6-March 19, 2016
Jeremy Chandler // Spotted at First Light
Project Space: University of Miami //
Verdant Plunderland by Jenna Efrein

December 19-January 30, 2016
Ezra Johnson // Cut Rate Paradise
Project Space: Frederic Snitzer // Mumbo Jumbo

October 23-December 11, 2015
The Way We See It:
The Work of Muir Vidler and Scot Sothern
Project Space: Juana Valdes

September 11-October 16, 2015
Ali Smith: Fever Pitch
Project Space: Alejandro Contreras

May 29-July 3, 2015
Intimate Strangers:
Christina West


May 16-May 26, 2015
Woes: A Pop-Up Show
Rafael Alvarez, Anthony Anaya, Rubin Gabeau, Vincent Granela, Guilherme Moraes

April 10-May 15, 2015
Kate MacDowell:
Completely Exposed

February 27-April 3, 2015
Forms of Fiction:
The Work of Dominique Labauvie
January 29-February 25, 2015
William Pachner:
Selected Works from the 60s, 70s, and 80s


January 8-January 22, 2015
Special Exhibition Curated by Rafael Domenech:
Works by Ernesto Garcia Sanchez & Jose Manuel Mesias
November 14-January 2, 2014
James Kennedy:
m o r p h o s i s


September 19-November 8, 2014
Folkloric Acid: The Work of
Einar & Jamex de la Torre
August 1-September 12, 2014
Material Collaborations:
Alejandro Contreras & David Hicks
May 8-July 26, 2014
Marc Burckhardt:
Earth Bound: Co-Curated by Josh DeWeese
Josh DeWeese, David Peters & Marc Lambrechts

And Invited Artists Tara Wilson, Scott Parady,
Ted Adler & Tim Rowan
March 29-May 3, 2014


Reflective Realities:
Christopher Winter

February 1-March 22, 2014
Kang Hyo Lee, Minkyu Lee,
Sung-Jae Choi, Ree Soo-Jong,
HunChung Lee, Wookjae Maeng, 
Sungyee Kim, Sunkoo Yuh

December 19-January 23, 2014
Southern Fried:
John Byrd, Jeremy Chandler, Jeremiah Jenkins

November 21- December 16, 2013
Renaissance Men:
A Solo Exhibition by Generic Art Solutions

October 16- November 16, 2013
The Paintings of Erin Parish
July 20-September 14, 2013
Material Inspiration: Gareth Mason
May 25-June 29, 2013
The Work of Sylvia Hommert
April 6-May 18, 2013
Post Coital
Rebekah Bogard, Georgine Ingold, Muir Vidler, Scot Sothern, Christina West, and Becky Flanders, and Marta Soul courtesy Kopeikin Gallery

February 9-March 30, 2013
Home for the Holidays
Einar & Jamex de la Torre

December 22, 2012-February 2, 2013
November 3-December 15, 2012
The Work of Bart Johnson: Inside the Labyrinth

September 15-October 27, 2012
Constructions & Compositions
The Work of James Kennedy

July 14- September 8, 2012
Organic Inhabitants

The Work of David Hicks and Patricia Sannit
May 26-July 7, 2012
Detailed Information

Featuring: Marc Burckhardt, John Byrd, Kate MacDowell, Christopher Torrez, Carrie Ann Baade, Wookjae Maeng
April 14-May 19, 2012
Explicit Content

February 25-March 31, 2012
Meditative Journeys:
Sungyee Kim & Kang Hyo Lee
January 7-February 18, 2012




November 12-December 31, 2011
Josh DeWeese "Expressions in Form"

September 24—November 5, 2011
Russell Biles, Einar and Jamex de la Torre, Muir Vidler, Gregory Green, Chris Riccardo, Bonnie Marie Smith


August 06 - September 17, 2011
Hero Worship:
Pavel Amromin, Jeromy Chandler, David Hilliard, Mark Newport, Gilad Ratman and Matthew Shaffer

June 25 - July 30, 2011
Blurred Vision by Patrick Glover


May 7 - June 18, 2011
The Work of Arnold Mesches

March 12 - April 30, 2011
Florida Souvenirs:
Sand, Surf and Sin in the Sunshine State


January 8 - February 26, 2011
Personal Icons:
Patrick McGrath Muniz, Gabriel Parque, Christina West, Einar and Jamex de la Torre, Jordon Meister and Becky Flanders

November 20 - December 31, 2010
Utility and Beauty:
Mernet Larsen, Ingrid Bathe, Patricia Sannit, Joseph Pintz, Chris Tonsgard


October 2 - November 13, 2010
Transformative Influences - Part II:
Wanxin Zhang, Theo Wujcik, David Furman, Beth Lo & Diane Ding

August 21 - September 25, 2010
Art Spaces:
Raymond Gonzalez, Cosme Herrera, David Hicks, Minkyu Lee, and Jo Milic


July 3 - August 14, 2010
Undressing the Feminine:
Sean Fader, Becky Flanders, Misty Gamble, Connie Imboden, Anne Drew Potter, Bonnie Seeman and J. Aiden Simon

May 22 - June 26, 2010
Alternative Universe:
Richard Heipp (2-D), Rebekah Bogard and Max Lehman


April 10 - May 15, 2010
Bright and White:
John Byrd, Linda Cordell, Bethany Krull, Russell Biles, and Jason Briggs. Kate MacDowell, Jeremy Chandler photography, and Roger Palmer drawings

February 20 - March 27, 2010
The World According to Bart
The Drawings, Paintings,
and Ceramics of Bart Johnson


January 9 - February 13, 2010
Head Shots:
The Work of Julie Weitz

October 3 - November 13, 2009
Three from Korea:
Sunkoo Yuh (Sculptures, Drawings and Prints), Sung Jae Choi,
Kang Hyo Lee

November 21 - December 31, 2009
Form and Function:
The Work of Josh DeWeese, McKenzie Smith, Brian Sarama and Bede Clarke, Phil Epp/Landscape painter