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Kang Hyo Lee // Puncheong Squared Bowl with Ash Glaze 4
6 1/2 x 14 x 14 inches
Glazed ceramic

Kang Hyo Lee presents contemplative abstraction minimalism through traditional puncheong vessels with creamy liquid surfaces and elegant sculptural forms.  Lee epitomizes the elegance, simplicity, and historic significance that is emblematic of Korean Puncheong ceramics.  His masterful throwing skills translate to work that is timeless, solid design.  Combining basic forms such as the moon jar, platter, water jar, and large-scale Onggi pot with expressive pure liquid white-slip, the energy conveyed in his works is rich as well as minimal.  Creating that response is masterful- his translation of touch through form pulls the viewer closer to the work.  Placement of these objects in a formal setting changes the energy and harmony of a space.  Equally at home in a minimal, contemporary setting or a formal room resplendent with Asian decor, his ceramics inform and enhance.


Born in 1961, Lee is widely regarded as one of the finest Korean potters working today. He has exhibited worldwide and his work is held in many important public and private collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum, British Museum, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Art Institute of Chicago, and International Ceramic Museum, Italy.

1961   Born in Korea 

1983   B.F.A. Department of Ceramics, Hong-ik University, Seoul, Korea 

1985-88 Studied the making of onggi ware in South Kyongsang Province, Korea



2013 Clay Push Gulgong 2013 workshop(Australia)

2011 Asian Art Museum of San Francisco-Poetry in Clay (San Francisco. USA)

University of Georgia Workshop(Georgia. USA)

2006   Archie Bray International Workshop (Montana‧ USA) 

2005   Wood Kiln Workshop (Gwangju‧ Korea) 

        Ceder lake craft center (West Virginia ‧ USA) 

2004   International Woodfire Festival (Iowa‧ USA) 

2003   NCECA Workshop (San Diego‧ USA) 

2001 Onggi American Tour sponsored by the Korea Foundation (State University of New York at New paltz, Alfred University, Western Illinois State College, University of Iowa, Califonia State University Long Beach)

1999   International Ceramics Festival, Aberystwyth, Wales, United Kingdom 

Togei Messe Mashiko Workshop, MashikoJapan

1993   NCECA Workshop (San Diego‧ USA) 



ART MRKT San Francisco 2012

SOFA New York 2012

San Diego Contemporary Art Fair 2011

SOFA Chicago2011



Solo Exhibition 

2012 Gallery REBEIGE (Seoul,Korea)

Art factory Gallery (paju, Korea)

2010 Song House Gallery (Busan,Korea)

2009 JoengSoYoung gallery (Seoul.Korea)

2008 Pucker Gallery (Boston‧ USA)

Song House Gallery(Pusan‧ Korea) 

2006   Pucker Gallery (Boston‧ USA) 

        Space Mom Museum (Cheongju‧ Korea) 

        Cheongbaek Gallery (Daegu‧ korea) 

2005   Ye Song Gallery (Daegu‧ Korea) 

2003   Tong-In Gallery (New york‧ USA) 

        Tong-In Auction Gallery (Seoul‧ Korea) 

        Tea bowls Gallery MaMoe (Seoul‧ Korea) 

2002   Gallery Jo (Seoul‧ Korea) 

2001   Moosim Gallery(Cheongju‧ Korea) 

        Nanohana(Japan‧ Two men show) 

2000   Togo Gallery(Japan) 

        Yamakki Gallery(Japan‧ Two men show) 

1999   Hand Gallery(Japan) 

1998   Gallery Des Embios (Swiss‧ Two men show) 

1997   Musim Gallery (Cheongju‧ Korea) 

1996   Semi Gallery (Seoul‧ Korea) 

        Hakcheon Gallery (Cheongju‧ Korea) 

1993   To Art Space Gallery (Seoul‧ Korea) 

        Hakcheon Gallery (Cheongju‧ Korea) 



2012 Two man show-Meditative Journeys, mindysolomon gallary(Florida-USA)

2011 Poetry in clay (San Francisco. USA)

Two man show-Dong won Gallary (Daegu. Korea)

2010 Fowler Museum at UCLA- Life in Ceramics(California, USA)

2009 GyeongGi Ceramic Museum-Take the old create a new(Gwangju‧ Korea)

2008   GyeongGi International Ceramic Fair 2008 (Korea) 

2007   Traditional Korean Crafts (UN Building, New York) 

        Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2007 (Cheongju, Korea) 

Tradition Transformed: contemporary Korean Ceramics(Spain, Ireland, UK,)

2006   Tea pot & Art -Uijae Museum (Gwangju‧ Korea) 

        S.O.F.A International Art Fair(New York, Chicago) 

2005   The 3rd World Ceramic Biennale 2005-Joseon Royal kiln Museum  (Gwangju‧ Korea) 

2004   Korea International Art Fair(Seoul‧ Korea) 

        From the Fire (USA) 

2003   Special Exhibition Tradition Korea Ceramics-Joseon Royal kiln Museum (Gwangju‧ Korea) 

        Korean Ceramics: Tradition and Transformation (San Diego‧ USA) 

2002   International Art Fair (Busan‧ Korea) 

Tea, zen, ceramics- The international Living Pottery Art of Taiwan, Japan and Korea(Taiwan) 

        21Century Korea Contemporary Artist Exhibition (sungkyunkwan University Museum. Korea)

        Tea pot & Art -Uijae Museum (Gwangju‧ Korea) 

2001   Tea Pot Special Exhibition of Korea - The Korea Folk Museum of Korea 

2000   Korean Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition (Edinburgh‧ Scotland) 

        Korean Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition (Fukuoka‧ Japan) 



‧ Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois)

‧ Asian Art Museum of San Francisco (USA) 

‧ British Museum (London‧ United Kingdom) 

‧ Choson Royal Kiln Museum (Kwangju, Korea) 

‧ Duxbury Art Complex(Duxbury Massachusetts)

‧ Holderness School(Holderness, New Hampshire)

‧ Incheon World Ceramics Center (Inchon, Korea) 

‧ International Ceramic Museum(Faenza ,Italy)

‧ Musēe National de Ceramique Sevres(Sevres, France) 

‧ Musēe Royal De Mariemont (Belgium) 

‧ Museum of Fine Arts(Boston, Massachusetts)

‧ Newark Museum of Art(Newark, New Jersey)

‧ Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

‧ SungKyunKwan University Museum (Seoul, Korea) 

‧ Tokotin Museum of Japanese Art(Haifa, Israel)

‧ Togei Messe Mashiko(Mashiko, Japan)

‧ Victoria and Albert Museum (London‧ England)