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Gregorio Peno // Floracion IX
32 x 26 x 16 cm
clay, slip, and glaze, mixed media, melted clay

Gregorio Peño (Spain, 1983)

Peño holds a Higher Diploma in Visual Arts and Artistic Ceramic Design from the Francisco Alcántara School of Madrid (2004-2007). 

He has taken part in different group and biennial exhibitions and prizes in and out of the country and carried out two solo exhibitions in 2011 in Madrid and 2013 in París. Peño´s work to be found in different and prestigious public and private collections. Among the awards achieved, the following are of note: Selected for “Hot Rookies” special exhibition in the Gyenonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2013  (South Korea); Special Prize for Best Young Artist in the XXII International Biennal Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics of Vallauris  (France, 2012); Prize Angelina Alós (Spain, 2012); National Prize of Ceramics by the City of Castellón (Spain, 2012), among others.

Despite his youth, critics such as Tomás Paredes (President of the Spanish Association of Art Critics / AICA-Spain) have shown great interest in his work. As Paredes states in one of his articles on Peño, “In Peño, there is work, there is artistry, there is future, there is dimension!.


Of key importance in my latest pieces is the convulsion and transformation of the material. The ceramic material, used not as an end but as a means, allows for a range of plastic and conceptual qualities that are hard to achieve with other materials. In this sense, my work begins under a formal geometric conception with a carefully thought-out construction of the shape. This is contrasted with the appearance the organic through the crumbling or expansion of the melted clay.

Excitement, mystery, tension and time are the linking factors of these pieces where, despite some of the dramatic contrasts, they retain a surprising unity and formal elegance.

      - Gregorio Peno Velasco

Gregorio Peño Velasco

Spain, 1983



- Higher Diploma in Visual Arts and Artistic Ceramic Design from the Francisco Alcántara School of Madrid, Spain


- Moncloa Ceramics School, Madrid, Spain