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The ceramic series of work by Elke Sada carry titles like CAPRICCIO, HALLSTATTPIECE or NEST. All her work breathes great spontaneity and joy. Her almost boundless play with clay, colour and form seems to follow a kind of maxim: Never settle for one point of view or one way of thinking – be surprised by your own work! She is certainly devoted to the elements of dance, music, and rhythm, and she is always good for a twist. Clear-cut geometry in form has never been her favourite. Decoration increasingly turns into painting. The experimental game with colour becomes an impulsive, physical reaction. Elke Sada is there, tangible in her work. She is sometimes almost out of breath, and it can take your breath away. Gabi Dewald in Ceramic Review No. 259

Elke Sada was born 1965 in Dettelbach in Germany. Her first choice was to train as a chemistry technician and she worked twelve years in research in Germany, the U.S.A. and Italy. In 2000 she embarked on a BA course in 3D-Design-Ceramics at Bath Spa University in England and is accepted at the Royal College of Art in London as an MA student straight afterwards. After her MA degree in Ceramics&Glass in 2005 she returns to Germany and sets up her first studio in Merzhausen near Frankfurt. In summer 2006 she moves for one year to Techentin and runs a gallery and studio with Ute Dreist. For seven years she lives and works in Hamburg and since 2014 she has her studio in Leipzig. In 2010 Elke Sada took part at the Ceramicsymposium in Gmunden in 2010 in Austria and she was Artist-in-Residence  at Atelier Francine del Pierre and Fance Franck in Paris in 2013. She has been invited to ceramic art festivals in Great Britain, France and Japan. Her work is exhibited worldwide and is continually awarded, as well as part of private and public collections.

2005 MA in Ceramics & Glass, Royal College of Art, London
2003 BA in 3D-Design Ceramics, Bath Spa University, Bath
2000 Twelve years research technician in Germany, U.S.A. and Italy
1987 Degree in Chemistry, Chemisches Institut Dr. Flad, Stuttgart

2015 raumvertont, Emil Heger & Elke Sada, Galerie Idelmann, Gelsenkirchen-Buer, D
2014 Pierre Buisseret & Elke Sada, Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris, F
2014 Ken Eastman & Elke Sada, Puls Ceramics Gallery, Brussels, B
2014 Contrasten’ with Karin Bablok, Galerie Loes & Reinier, Deventer, NL
2014 Vessels & Wallpieces, Zeitkunstgalerie, Halle (Saale), D
2013 13. Parcours Céramique Carougoise, Atelier Michelle Dethurens, Carouge, CH
2012 Jeux de Caprices, Terra Viva Galerie, St. Quentin la Poterie, F
2011 Haut en Couleur with Ingrid Saag, Galerie du Don, Le Fel, F
2011 spontanoeus+explosive, Keramikmuseum, Staufen, D
2009 Kontrastprogramm“, Galerie Keramikum, Darmstadt
2008 Elke Sada and Jochen Rüth, Keramik Galerie Faita, Hameln, D
2006 mostra d’arte“, Sala Serra, Ispra, I
2004 There is no place like home, RCA Hockney Gallery, London, UK


Le Rouge est mis, Galerie D’Albis, Paris, F
l’esprit de l’argile, station8, Zuzwil, CH
Résonance, Prix David Miller 2010-2015, Galerie Ravaisou, Bandol, F

Spontanéité et gestuelle, Contemporary Ceramic APCP, Couvent Treigny, F
teabowl, Oxford Ceramics Gallery, Oxford, UK
Création contemporaine et Mécénat, une alliance durable, Musée Ariana, Genf, CH

Goed Gebakken, Contemporary Ceramics, Schloß Herentals, B
SOFA Chicago with Mindy Solomon Gallery, Chicago, U.S.A
The vessel, the object III, Kunstforum Solothurn, CH 

SCOPE Basel with Mindy Solomon Gallery, CH
SOFA Chicago with Mindy Solomon Gallery, U.S.A.
Les Journées de la Céramique, St. Sulpice, Paris, F

Prints&Transfers, Galerie Handwerk, Munich, D
Ceramic Art London, Royal College of Art, London, UK
Newcomers Exhibition, On Line Gallery, Southampton, UK

Applied Art Fair, MKG, Hamburg, D
Ceramic Art London, Royal College of Art, London, UK  
FUNKTIONAL, The Leach Pottery Gallery, St. Ives, UK

North German Triennale of Applied Art, Schloß Güstrow Schloß Schwerin, D
Form&Design, Schloß Landestrost, Hannover, D

Christmas Exhibition, Sarah Myerscough Fine Art, London, UK
Ett verk var, Härke Konstcentrum, Frösön, S
Delikatessen, Kultur-Kasino, Höhr-Grenzhausen, D

VIII International Biennal Of Ceramics, Museu de Ceràmica de Manises, Manises, E
Le Pichet – Concours International de Céramique, Musée de Carouge, Carouge, CH 

Herz ist Trumph, sagt König Kong, Galerie Das gelbe Haus, Techentin, D

Like nowhere else, Royal College of Art, London, UK

Exposed, Royal College of Art, London, UK

Selected Awards    
2015 First Prize, Grassipreis der Carl und Anneliese Goerdeler Stiftung, Grassimuseum, Leipzig
2014 Second Prize, International Ceramic Fair Oldenburg
2014 Prix David Miller, Le Printemps des Potiers, Bandol
2012 Ceramic Review Award, Ceramic Art London
2011 First Prize Ceramic Award Diessen
2011 Shortlisted for Danner Award, Exhibition, Villa Stuck, Munich
2009 Shortlisted for European Ceramics, Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Höhr-Grenzhausen
2009 Jurors Choice at the 5th World Biennale CEBIKO, Icheon
2008 Third Prize at the Ceramic Award Evergreen, Oldenburg
2007 Erdwin-Amsinck Award, MKG, Hamburg
2004 Shortlisted for Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, London

2016 Artist-in-Resindence, DRAWInternational, Caylus
2015 Guest artist at International Ceramic Festival, Sasama
2015 Rencontre Professionelles, Le Printemps des Potiers, Bandol
2013 Artist-in-Residence, Atelier Francine del Pierre et Fance Franck, Paris
2011 Guest demonstrator at International Ceramic Festival, Aberyswyth
2010 Presentation: From Painting to Pot at Ceramic Art London
2010 Keramiksymposium Gmunden, Austria

SELECTED Public Collections

KMB Keramik-Museum, Berlin
Grassimuseum Leipzig
Musée Ariana, Geneva
K-Hof Kammermuseen Gmunden
Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe
Ceramic Collection of Aberystwyth University
Museen der Stadt Landshut, Sammlung Rudolf Strasser
World Ceramic Center, Icheon
MKG Sammlung der Moderne, Hamburg
Die Neue Sammlung, The International Design Museum, München
Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias “Gonzáles Martí”, Valencia, Collection Adolf

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