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My focus on the line in my sculpture has a double origin:The first is both classical and French and comes from the work and drawings by Auguste Rodin, particularly the drawings of the Cathedrals of France.  Traveling from one village to another on his bicycle he made many studies of the moldings of these churches.

The second origin comes from the practice of steel and the forge, creating a work that commences with a drawing on the floor. It also comes from the history of American Minimalism experienced through European eyes and ears.

A line of steel is for me a line that is built in segments. The segments interpret a handwriting, the movements of the arm and the hand. It is a line that is strengthened through its interruptions, with each interruption creating intervals and moments of silence.

This segmentation leads us to repetition, to rhythm, to music, to a sequence where one passes from the eye to the ear. My recent works are all readings line by line of the construction of a time of vision which joins that of listening.


FRACTALS Perception is a fragmentation of the line of vision, of a sound, of a taste, of a feeling, of a memory or of an event. We perceive only in segments and each of these segments is strengthened by the segment either before or after the action. The repetition of the segments, the parts, the sounds, the forms, the gestures, create a body of work inhabited by the engagement of meaning. 

GESTURES To draw is a time entirely dedicated to a choreographic moment of gestures. Each gesture conducts our perception to a form, a calligraphic form: writing, revealing, transforming and conducting the drawing into our intimate space. The gesture is the most ancient way to share and to communicate. 

TRACES The most irreducible form of human life is contained in the trace, and is the obsession of our future. Each trace and particularly each archeological trace helps us to reconstitute our identity. They are the foundations of the desire to create a present. 

RESONANCE To create a resonance you need the line and the form. Most forms will conduct us to a specific sound, as will most colors or matter. To vehicle the sound trace a line and follow the line. You shall probably perceive the sound of the drawing. 

EVENTS We are the witness of events and they suddenly take a predominant place in our lives. These drawings are the installation of the event in a fraction of my space. The surface of the sheet of paper is suddenly the place of an installation of a predominant event. 


2014 Leepa Rattner Museum of Art, Four Sculptures for a Garden, St. Petersburg College, Tarpon Springs,  FL.

2013 Gallery221 at HCC, Wire.Paper.Steel., Hillsborough Community College, Tampa FL.

2013 Bleu Acier Inc., Off the Ground: 20 years of Table Sculptures, Tampa, FL.

2012 Untitled. art, Miami Beach, FL

2012 Bleu Acier Inc., Gift from the Bridge, Tampa FL

2010 Tampa Museum of Art, Musical Lines in My Hand, Tampa, FL (catalogue)

2010 Morean Arts Center, Dessin Au Blanc, Saint Petersburg, FL

2009 Haim Chanin Fine Arts, Turning Point, New York, NY

2009 Bleu Acier Inc., Of Steel and Powder, Tampa, FL

2008 Bleu Acier Inc., Constellations & Acrobats, Tampa, FL

2007 Bleu Acier Inc.,The Ides of March: New Work in Steel, Drawing and Print, Tampa, FL

2006 Volklinger Hutte, The Atelier, Volklingen/Saar, Germany

2003 Artworks, Sculpture: New Work, Miami, FL

2002 Blue House Gallery, Circles of Desire: Drawings, Sculpture and Furniture, Sarasota, FL

2001 Werner Redzinski Gallery, Funambules: Drawings and Sculptures, Saarbrucken, Germany

2000 Coral Springs Museum of Art, Drawing with Fire: La Suite des Huit Heures de Damien, Coral Springs Museum of Art, Coral Springs, FL (Catalogue)

1999 Gallery Maeght, Florida Series: Homage to Jules Verne, Sculptures and Drawings, Paris, France

1998 Cargo-Marseille, International Center for the Visual Arts, Dominique Labauvie Sculptures et Dessins, Marseille, France (Catalogue)

1997 Zadkine Museum, The Invisible Opens the View, Paris, France (Catalogue)

1997 Gallery Maeght, Paris, France

1996 Passages-Center for Contemporary Art, Recent Sculptures, Troyes and the Crypt of the Church of the Assomption, Rosnay lHopital, France, Artist Book published for this exhibition: Une Saison, original woodcuts by Dominique Labauvie with text by Marcelin Pleynet, published by Dumerchez Editions

1995 Aragon Library, Sculptures, Drawings, and Prints, Choisy-le-Roi, France

1995 Raymond Farbos Contemporary Art Center, Mont de Marsan, France.

1995 Galerie 48, Saarbruck, Germany. 

1995 Rhenan Center for Contemporary Art, Ten years of Sculpture, Drawings and Prints, Altkirch, France (Catalogue)

1994 Gallery Maeght, Paris, France

1993 Chapel of the Abbey Saint-Martin es Aires, Troyes, France

1991 Gallery Maeght, Paris, France

1991 Gallery Parvis 3, Pau, France (Catalogue: courtes legendes de Gilbert Lascaux)

1990 ARCO, Maeght-Barcelona, Madrid, Spain

1990 Roi Rene Castle, Sculptures and Drawings, Tarascon, France. 

1990 Denys Puesch Museum, Sculptures and Drawings: 1985-1990, Rodez, France. (Catalogue) 

1989 Gallery Maeght, Works on Paper, Paris, France.

1989 FIAC, Maeght, Grand Palais, Paris, France. (Catalogue)

1989 Congress Gallery, Graz, Austria. (Catalogue)

1988 Gallery Maeght, Sculptures, Prints and Drawings, Barcelona, Spain

1988 Gallery Schneider, Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany

1987 Gallery Maeght, Paris, France. (Catalogue),

1987 Maeght-Montrouge, Monumental Sculptures, Montrouge, France

1985 Gallery Bernard Jordan, Paris, France (Catalogue)

2014 VOLTA NY, New York City, NY
2013 Art Miami, Miami, FL.
2013 Art Southampton, Southampton, NY
2013 artMRKT Hamptons, Bridgehampton, NY
2013 Coubertin Foundation, Le Corps, Dessins de la Fondation de Coubertin, Saint Rémy-les0Chevreuse, France
2013 artMRKT San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Mindy Solomon Gallery, Art Wynwood, Miami FL
Atelier AJC, Métissage1, Wittersdorf, France 2011
The Patricia & Phillip Frost Museum, Tour de France/ Florida, Contemporary Artists from France in Florida\\\\\\\'s Private Collections, Miami, FL
New Prints and Drawings, Bleu Acier Inc., Tampa, FL
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Danese, Armory Show, New York, NY
Bleu Acier Inc., L’Arabesque, Homage to Matisse, Tampa, FL
Museum of Fine Arts, Contemporary Woodcut Prints From the Collection, St. Petersburg, FL
Haim Chanin Fine Arts, New York, NY and Paris, France
Dorsch Gallery, Put Me on a Pedestal, Miami, FL
Tampa Museum of Art, Drawing Beyond the Plane, Tampa, FL
Art Paris, Haim Chanin Fine Arts, Grand Palais, Paris, France
Haim Chanin Fine Arts, 66 Pieces of Art on the Wall, New York, NY
Housatonic Museum of Art, Lineal Investigations, Bridgeport, CT
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Bridge Art Fair, Bleu Acier Inc., Merchandise Mart, Chicago
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Boca Raton Museum of Art, Contemporary Sculpture since Minimalism, Boca Raton, FL
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Bleu Acier Inc., Metal, Leather, Resin, Wax, Tampa FL
Bleu Acier Inc., Art de Vivre, Tampa, FL
Forest of Thurwald, Open Air, Alsace, France
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Bibliotheque Nationale de France, L’Original Multiple, Paris, France
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Artworks, Miami, FL
Outdoor Sculpture, Pineapple Grove Main Street, Delray Beach, FL 
Nuits de Bicetre au Grand Reservoir, Sculpture and Music, Bicetre, France
Brad Cooper Gallery, International Voices, Tampa, Florida.
European Central Bank, Frankfort, Germany (catalogue)
The Armory Art Center, Imposing Objects, West Palm Beach, FL
IVAM, Museum of Modern Art, To Forge Space, Valencia, Spain,
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Calais, France
Coubertin Foundry, Parcours de Sculpture en Ile de France, St. Remy les Chevreuses, France
Atlantic Center of Contemporary Art, To Forge Space, Las Palmas, Canary Islands. Curated by Serge Fauchereau. (Catalogue)
FRAC Alsace, 5 Years of collecting, Strasbourg, France
Museum of Drawings and Prints,40 Artists, 30 Master Printers, Gravelines,France
Levanneur Center for Art, Chatou, France
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•Raoul Dufy School Complex, Reims, France, Claude Prouvé, Architect (Painted Steel)
•CES School Complex, Tinquex, France (Stone)
•CES School Complex, Herrlisheim, France, Maechel, Architect (Steel) 
•Ministry of Justice, Commission for the court complex of Nancy, Nancy, France, Adam Biro, Architect (Steel)
•City of Wissembourg,  Cultural Relay, Wissembourg, France, Maechel, Architect  (Steel)
•City of Lindabrunn, Lindabrunn, Austria (Stone) 
•Ministry of Finance, Commission for the Polygone Financial Complex, Valence, France (Cast Iron)
•Ministry of Justice, Commission for the new court complex, Dijon, France, Regembal and Constantini, Architects, Air’s Source, (Cast Iron)
• 12 Sculptors from the European Community, World’s Fair, Seville, Spain (Forged Iron)
•City of Paris, Commission for the Villette, Quai de Seine, Paris, France, Suspended Horizon, Cast Iron, 50 X 20  X 10 feet.
• Ministry of Finance, Commission for the new financial complex of Livry-Gargan, France, Emmanuelle Colboc, Architect,The Shepherd’s Dream, In Homage to Fuseli, (Forged Steel)
•Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, Commission for the new Terminal Building of the Vandenberg Airport, Tampa, Florida, Over the Cities, (Aluminum)
•Ministry of the Interior, Commission for the new precinct of Draveil, France, (Forged Iron) Suzel Brout, Architect
•Tampa General Hospital, Commission for the entrance of the New Wing (Steel)
Receives the Individual Artist Fellowship, Florida
Receives The Individual Support Grant from The Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation
Receives the Sculpture prize of the Salon of Montrouge, Montrouge, France.
Receives the Rome Prize for Germany, and spends one year working in Freiburg/Breisgau, Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Berlin.
BNY Mellon Corporate Collection, Pittsburgh, PA
Siftung Kulturbesitz, Kreis St. Wendel, Germany
Frans Masereel Foundation, Saarbruck, Germany Mead Art Museum, Amherst, Mass
Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, FL
Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL
Tampa General Hospital, Tampa, FL
Coubertin Foundation, Saint Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, France
Runnymede Sculpture Park, Woodside, California
Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg,FL 
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Museum of Contemporary Art, Ceret, France
National Collection of Contemporary Art, Paris, France
Public Collection of Contemporary Art of the City of Paris, France
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Regional Collection of Contemporary Art of Ile de France, Paris, France
Regional  collection of Contemporary Art of Languedoc-Roussillon, Montpellier, France
Fondation Maeght, St. Paul, France
Biblioteque Nationale, Paris, France
Sculptures, commissioned sculptures, drawings and prints are in private collections in Europe, Japan, Australia and the United States

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