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Alejandro Contreras // Untitled II
5 x 7 feet
Vinyl, latex paint, and wood panel

My art consists of abstract compositions that stem out of images of patterns mostly found in nature. Photographs are processed into mechanical drawings that are then transformed through the use of vinyl, paint, glue, resin, wood, found materials and even recycled artwork. 

The process begins with digital photographs that are then turned into outline drawings. Adapted plotter machines and advanced computerized software are used to transfer these patterns into flat surfaces. The outcome varies depending on the vinyl shapes and ink marks. Different effects can be achieved by varying the order of colors, thickness and pressures. In some cases sections of the drawing are layered with the use of epoxy resins. This process creates the illusion of depth and allows experimentation. It is also the turning point where two-dimensional pieces turn into three-dimensional works.

Using this method to create artwork allows for constant experimentation, where multiple effects can be achieved by adjusting its variables. This generative form of art making was instigated by intrigue but has stimulated a newfound appreciation for serendipitous moments.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, 1983
Lives and works in Miami, FL

EDUCATION: New World School of the Arts
BFA in Electronic Intermedia / Minor in Art History
University of Florida - B. F. A. - Miami-Dade College - A. A.
Highest Honors
August 2003 - 2008
Design and Architecture Senior High
High School. Graphic Design Major
Graduated June 2003


Alta Temperatura / Group Exhibition - June 2012 / McLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco, CA 

Progreso - Proceso / Group  Exhibition - December 2011 / Burst  Project Art Fair, Miami, Fl

Hue / Project room - May 2011 / Praxis International art, Miami, Fl

Wonderstruck / Group Exhibition - March 2011 / Praxis International art, New York, NY

Untitled / Solo Exhibition – January 2010 / Diaspora Vibe Gallery. Miami, FL

Little Sister / Group Exhibition - December 2009 / Spinello Gallery, Miami, Fl

Colonialism / Solo Exhibition – January 2008 / Fredric Snitzer Gallery. Miami, Fl

Fear, Fate, Fame / BFA Exhibition - New World School of the Arts 2007 / Freedom Tower. Miami, FL

Projected Visions / Group Exhibition – November 2007 / New World School of the Arts gallery

Paint as an Object / Solo Exhibition – November 2006 / Diaspora Vibe Gallery. Miami, Fl

Rising Stars / Student Exhibition, 2006 / New World School of the Arts.

Visages and Secrets / Group Exhibition – Art Basel 2005 / Laure De Mazieres, Miami Fl.

Florida Calls / project with Jonathan Monk – summer 2005 / The Moore Space, Miami, Fl